5 Church Blend

This blend was selected by Chef Jaime Lynch to reflect the essence of the dynamic menu of his restaurant. Deep and Dark, it has a hint of brightness and is very well balanced.

American Diner Blend

Developed by a master craftsman in the coffee industry, this medium roasted two-bean blend fits right in to the good olʼ cup-a-joe, ham and eggs diner atmosphere. Bright acidity is balanced with a hearty body and clean, satisfying aftertaste.

Ballantyne Resort Blend

After a meticulous tasting and selection process, the Culinary and Management team at The Ballantyne Hotel and Lodge chose this blend for its European style and balance. Smoky spice, deep mouth feel and an interesting, delicious finish completes this coffee.

Block and Grinder Blend

We saw the Menu at Block and Grinder and its savory aspects and knew we would need to counter with an offering with relatively high acidity to balance the dining experience. Sure enough, it worked. Musky overtones follow a bright sweet, almost honeysuckle acidity.


The happy accidental blend, our roasters came into our lab and asked if they could brew the result of an error they made. It turned out to be a stroke of genius. Smooth and silky chocolates and dark caramel and a hint of smoke welded to fruity berry and floral notes. It was so good we couldn’t stop drinking it, hence the name.


Our winter blend, a seasonal offering that is only sold between Thanksgiving and the end of January. Sweet tingly acidity, savory spices and a touch of caramel wrapped up in a mildly intense smoke. Perfect for a snowy morning.

Inzovu Meritage

The Elephant Blend, literally translated. Exotic and wild, essence of boiled peanut, zippy acidity balanced by deep and weighty earth tones and just a hint of smoke. This coffee leaves an interesting fatty sensation near the joint of your jaw.

Mezcla de Humo

The smoky blend, for those who love deep dark coffee, we assembled a great blending of South American and Indonesian coffees. This coffee is taken as dark as we can without erasing the inherent loveliness of the flavor of each.

Santa’s Blend

This holiday blend is the perfect beverage for the season! Inspired by the magic that only Santa can bring, you’ll be unwrapping this gift again and again.


Japanese for ‘Responsibility’, this three bean blend is made up of organic and sustainably-grown coffees from Central and South America and Indonesia. Beautiful, delicate chocolates, stone fruit and cremini mushrooms balance the flavor profile leaving a clearly defined finish.

NoDa Cafe

Our #1 seller and most popular blend to date. An elegant blending of a french roasted South American coffee and an untamed African bean. The brightness that greets your palate devolves into a smoky/sweet dark chocolate lingering aftertaste. It’s wonderful.

Sanctuary Estate

This is a time-tested, restaurant proven classic. The balance of sweetness, body, flavor and acidity is impeccable.  Great any time of day, this three bean blend of Central American, South American and Indonesian beans is well rounded, balanced and grown organically.

Queen City Blend

Key lime acidity starts the taste profile with a hint of chocolate dust. Earthy mushroom and light coconut round out this balanced yet intriguing blend.


Heady floral notes combined with just enough chocolate and berry make this coffee unique enough to stand on it’s own merits and mild enough to please the palate all day.  It’s coffee for life in the city.


Rich, decadent and earthy describes this magnificient  combination of Central American, African and Indonesian beans. Married to each other in a way that magnifies each predominate character while blooming into smoky chocolates, lively berry and effervescent floral tones. Classically an after-dinner coffee, this one is perfect for your adventurous side.