David Haddock, the Director of Coffee here at BoCo Roastery, has years of experience in the specialty coffee industry. His course curriculum has been developed based on the outlines and services that are currently offered through the ECBCS, East Coast Barista Coffee School

Consumer Workshops

Home Brew Workshop

Our Home Brew workshop offers a glimpse into specialty coffee and covers the many forms of brewing coffee at home. This includes Espresso, Brewing, and Roasting. The workshop will give you the skills and knowledge to make perfect coffee in your own kitchen. Students will also be able to buy fresh roasted coffee from our Coffee Bar during the workshop. 

Classes are available on the following schedules:

Home Brew Workshop: Monday – Friday 6:00 AM – 10:00 AM

Pricing is $100.00 for Home Brew Workshops

Home Brew Includes:

  • Brewing the PERFECT Espresso
  • Home-Made Whip Creams
  • Home Brewing
  • Roasting Coffee Beans 

Coffee Cuppings for Parties

Looking for something new to do with friends or for a party? Check out our custom coffee cuppings that we offer for groups and parties. During the cupping you will experience all that a cupping has to offer.  You will taste some of our roasts and will learn what separates specialty coffee from the canned grounds that you can find at the grocery store. Contact us to learn more.

Coffee Cuppings: Call to Schedule

Pricing is $70.00 per Person for up to 10 people

Barista Training

Barista Training Include:

  • Equipment Maintenance and Operation
  • Signature Beverage Development
  • Palate Development
  • Cupping
  • Latte Art
  • Work Flow
  • Speed
  • Efficiency and Organization

Competition Level Barista Training

This full 3-Day intensive program is designed to provide baristas with experience in specialty coffee specific training and skill building as they train for either Regional or National Barista Competitions. Each student is challenged to walk away with a new set of skills that will push them to further maximize their performance. Students will receive fundamental techniques that will assist them in perfecting their art.

David Haddock has spent his professional life in the specialty coffee industry working to perfect the process of specialty coffee brewing and espresso extraction.  His experience represents a tremendous source of knowledge for all aspects of building a successful competition routine through a process that offers an overall evaluation, skill by skill analysis and competition level pressure in an exact replica of a competition stage.  This proven system teaches the pro-barista through repetition, muscle memory, applied pressure, coaching methods and habits.

Who Should Attend: Any pro barista that exhibits a desire to compete in regional or US Barista Competitions. At least 1 year of shop experience is required.

Classes available on the following schedules:

Competition Level Barista Training: Wednesday – Friday 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Pricing is $1000.00 for Competition Level Barista Training

Business and Specialty Coffee Workshops

3-Day Specialty Coffee Workshop

The 3-day intensive training program provides currently employed baristas intensive training that is aligned with ECBCS protocols.  Students will have interactive instruction in the fundaments throughout the course. Class size is limited giving the student tailored instruction dealing with his or her skill level or previous training. The course is designed specifically for those baristas new to specialty coffee or in need of remedial training. Curriculum includes many of the elements of the specialty coffee portion of our 5-day program.

Who Should Attend: The 3-Day Specialty Coffee Workshop was designed for anyone that is new to specialty coffee.  The student may have had little or no professional training or is in need of a refresher course.  In addition, any owner/management personnel who are concerned with the overall quality of the products they sell, from brewed coffee, espresso and non-coffee beverages to fast-casual foods should take the course.

Additional classes available on the following schedules:

Schedule One Coffee School: Wednesday – Thursday 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Schedule Two Café Boot Camp: Friday 6:00 AM – 3:00 PM

Pricing is $1500.00 for 3-Day Retail Business and Specialty Coffee Workshop

Business Subjects Include:

  • History of the Specialty Coffee Industry
  • Concept Development
  • Business Planning
  • Budgeting for Operational Costs
  • Selecting Equipment and Supply Lists
  • Developing Vendor Lists
  • Menu / Products Planning
  • Employee Training
  • Standard Operational Procedures and Controls

5-Day Retail Business and Specialty Coffee Workshop

BoCo offers a 5-day Business and Specialty Coffee training program geared towards new entrepreneurs entering the specialty coffee industry.  The knowledge learned includes a solid foundation of retail business instruction and hands-on coffee training in a real-world environment. Throughout this course students will discover the realities of independent coffee shop ownership, management and operation.

Each student will be required to pass both an academic exam demonstrating a comprehensive understanding of the presented material and have successfully met our standard for whole-shop operations and management. Students will receive a certificate of achievement upon the completion of the course during the graduation ceremony.

Additional classes available on the following schedules:

Schedule One Coffee School: Wednesday – Thursday 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Schedule Two Café Boot Camp: Friday 6:00 AM – 3:00 PM

Pricing is $2500.00 for 5-Day Retail Business and Specialty Coffee Workshop

2-Day Culinary/Hospitality Specialty Coffee Workshop

Coffee quality is a very important component of any foodservice operation. While great coffee and espresso are easy to prepare and present for the optimum customer experience, too often just the opposite is true. Visit most any restaurants and you will find, for the most part, sub-standard, overpriced and bad tasting coffee. Restaurants and other foodservice patrons are becoming more sophisticated in how they expect coffee and espresso to taste. Consumers are buying their own beans, attending classes and educating their palates more so than ever before. It stands to reason that the people that are buying those cups expect the same or better quality coffee when they dine out. The course of instruction outlined in this workshop is designed to address a very present need for an elaborate and intensive education in specialty coffee for both culinary students and professionals. By following a progression from basic to advanced instruction, the students will gain a complete knowledge of specialty coffee, not commercial coffee and how to apply it effectively in a culinary setting. 

Pricing is $500.00 for 2-Day Culinary/Hospitality Specialty Coffee Workshop

Corporate Specialty Coffee Includes:

  • Equipment Selection and Training
  • Marketing and Selling strategies
  • Great Team Building Opportunity
  • Includes Training Materials 

Corporate Specialty Coffee Workshop 

Larger corporations present a unique challenge for coffee quality. The ECBCS has the capacity to instruct corporate entities in quality management, proper sourcing, training documents and courses, store-level marketing, up-selling, best equipment selection and water quality. The workshop also continues to assist in corporate team building and special events.

Call Us for Corporate Pricing 

Restaurant Staff Workshop 

There is always an opportunity to train and develop restaurant team members.  This 6-hour course is pointedly designed to eliminate bad habits and instill proper procedures and training to produce great coffee.  Brewed coffee and espresso are covered in this fast-paced but highly beneficial session.

Pricing is $100.00 per Person

BoCo Restaurant workshop