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It is almost a given that vacationers or business travelers will be served coffee that tastes just like the gas station’s down the road.

More than likely, it’s the same coffee manufactured by the same company that sells it to the gas station at a much lower price.

For decades, large coffee companies and beverage distributors have made it seem that they are the only solution to the hospitality coffee service.

We beg to differ.

As the hospitality sector grows and guests become more sophisticated as to the type and quality of coffee that’s available to them elsewhere, it becomes incumbent upon the hotelier to provide the same or greater quality coffee experience on property. BoCo Coffee Roasters is a boutique Specialty Coffee Roastery specifically designed to service and support the Hospitality Industry. The coffees that are selected are Specialty grade, Rainforest Alliance and Direct Trade.

Our common practice is to work with Chefs, Management and Directors to develop blend profiles that complement the menus on property and fortify the guest experience. We provide Tier 1 coffee brewing and handling equipment to ensure ease of use for staff members and consistent results in the coffee’s taste. BoCo provides water filtration to ensure additives commonly found in water supplies, do not adversely affect the coffee’s taste or machine performance.

We work with a nationwide group of service providers that are specifically trained to install, tune to specifications and repair every piece of equipment we provide. After the install, a comprehensive training course is scheduled for the staff at each area of the property. This training ensures the team is competent and comfortable with the operation of the machinery and taste of the coffees they serve.

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